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Extendable Heated Gilet with Super 13 Zones

HV-G: Extendable heated gilet with 360° warmth and unmatched comfort.


  • 360° Heating: Accelerated heating technology provides all-around warmth, covering both front and back.
  • Convenient Travel: Breaks the traditional layering method, offering a new way to stay warm on-the-go.
  • One-Touch Control: Simple activation with three-level temperature adjustment to keep you warm all winter.
  • Washable Design: Water-proof coating on the power interface allows for easy cleaning.
  • Universal Fit: Accommodates various body types with side zippers and elastic features.

Additional information


3 buttons 13 zones




extendable size suit for 3XS-XS, extendable size suit for 4XL-6XL, extendable size suit for S-L, extendable size suit for XL-3XL

Product Details

Introducing the HV-G Extendable Heated Gilet, your go-to solution for staying warm and comfortable in any setting. Designed with cutting-edge 360° heat distribution technology, this best-selling gilet ensures you’re enveloped in warmth from front to back. Forget about layering; our travel-friendly design and instant warmth features, powered by a reliable power bank and heating vest, make winter outings completely straightforward.
What sets the HV-G apart is its carbon fiber heating elements, offering even and efficient heat distribution. The silk-soft filaments add an extra layer of comfort, making it a chosen apparel for both men and women. With one-touch temperature control and color-coded LED heat indicators, adjusting to your desired warmth is just minutes away. The gilet boasts comprehensive heating zones, covering your neck, shoulders, back, waist, and abdomen, ensuring you’re warm even in the coldest of environments.
Worried about maintenance? The HV-G is machine washable, thanks to its water-proof power interface. Plus, its universal fit, complete with side zippers and elastic components, makes it a versatile choice for all body types. Experience the future of winter comfort with the HV-G Extendable Heated Gilet.
Fabric: 100% polyester
Lining: 100% polyester
Filler: 100% polyester
Charging port: USB
Voltage: 5V
Accessories: Power bank is NOT included

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We will reply in 2 hours during working time.

We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.