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Embrace Warmth at Your Fingertips with Cozy Smart Heated Gloves

HG-A: Your hands’ best friend for staying snug during outdoor escapades.


  • Top-Notch Heating Magic: Crafted from special imported metal wire, ensuring efficient and long-lasting warmth.
  • Weather Warrior: Defying wind and water, these gloves keep you snug no matter the elements.
  • Colorful Warmth Code: Blue, white, and red lights tell you exactly how toasty your gloves will be.
  • Sleek & Sneaky Heat: An invisible pocket keeps the battery discreet, preserving the glove’s style effortlessly.
  • Adventure’s Best Pal: Whether you’re skiing, cycling, or climbing, these gloves are ready for any outdoor thrill.

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Introducing our Smart Heated Gloves model HG-A, your ultimate companion for conquering the cold with a touch of technology and a whole lot of warmth. These gloves redefine comfort, offering a full-finger heating sensation combined with a cozy heating pad on the back of your hand, ensuring that every inch stays toasty even in the chilliest of conditions.
Crafted with care, we’ve incorporated a special imported metal wire that not only efficiently generates heat but also boasts remarkable durability, bending and stretching without a hitch. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, cycling through picturesque trails, or scaling mountains, these gloves are your trusty adventure sidekick.
Worried about the elements? Fear not. Our gloves are designed to be water-repellent and wind-proof, keeping you comfortable even when nature gets a little wild. And with a non-slip grip, you can handle your gear with confidence.
But we’ve gone beyond just functionality. The gloves feature a hidden pocket that discreetly holds the battery, preserving the sleek appearance without compromising on style. Plus, adjusting the temperature is a breeze with the three-speed thermostat. Blue, white, and red lights indicate the heat intensity, allowing you to customize your comfort.
With a touch of a button, you’ll experience instant coziness. The gloves heat up within seconds, thanks to advanced carbon fiber heating wires. And it’s not just about performance – they’re built to last, with a flexible and sturdy design that can take on all your escapades. Say goodbye to cold fingers and hello to a new level of warmth and adventure with our Smart Heated Gloves HG-A.


Fabric: 100% polyester
Lining: 100% polyester
Filler: 3M Cotton
Battery: 3 X AA batteries (NOT included)
Voltage: 4.5V
Button: 1 button

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We will reply in 2 hours during working time.

We respect your confidentiality and all information is protected.